Each time you search for a web report, you will be shown a disclaimer. To view individual reports you must confirm that you have read and understood the disclaimer.
The disclaimer contains the following information:

  • The information on this website does not imply confirmation of a potential link between the medicine and the observed event(s).
  • The information on this website concerns adverse events related to veterinary medicinal products that reflect the reporter's observations and opinions. A scientific assessment of a cause-and-effect relationship between a medicine and an effect is part of the continuous monitoring of the benefits and risks of a medicine; the assessment takes into account many other factors.
  • The information may include known side effects already listed in the summary of product characteristics (SPC) and package leaflet.
  • The number of suspected side effects in EudraVigilance should not serve as a basis for determining the likelihood of a side effect occurring. This is because the numbers need to be put into context with other factors, such as how widely a product is used.
  • Each individual case in EudraVigilance refers generally to one or more animals;and more than one side effect may have been included in a report. Therefore, the number of side effects will not always be the same as the number of individual cases.
  • The side-effect reports in EudraVigilance Veterinary do not represent all available information concerning the benefits and risks of a medicine and should not be used in isolation to make decisions regarding treatment regimen; other sources of information, including the product information or a veterinary healthcare professional should be consulted first.